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ISO 14001 Environment For the sake of next generationRegitered number JE0970A (Mar. 29, 2004)


We are addressing environmental issues as an important theme.
We believe that the first step for manufacturing environmentally sound products is a commitment to environmental ISO activities. Asahi Keiki aims to manufacture environment-friendly products rather than simply producing articles.
To date, we have been providing a variety of excellent, high precision products meeting the needs of the era and are making effort to deliver high-quarity products with safety.
In various fields of our business, from development to production and distribution, our duty to the environment is evident.
The requirements of the era continue to evolve, and our environmental activity also continues to progress.


Environment Policy

Commodities that Asahi Keiki Co., Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said our company) is producing are thermostats.
All over the world, products of our company play the role as customer’s control components and security parts (safety devices).
We meet customer’s needs through our reliable technology and creativity, contribute to the achievement of the wealthy society in the future, and offer attractive commodities to the world.
This is an existence value of our company, and the first prerequisite of our continuing.
Recognizing as the member of the society that the Earth is irreplaceable, we promote the following activity in the development, manufacturing and sales of our products.
1. For the sake of the prevention of earth environment pollution while our products are used all over the world also after they become waste, we promote the reduction of poisonous substances contained in our products.
2. We comply with relevant environmental laws and the requests of customers and regional society that we have agreed to, and keep the promise we made with them.
3. We promote the saving and reduction in the resource and the energy consumed by our business activities.
4. Continuously reviewing the manufacturing process, we promote the reduction of industrial waste, and the abolition of the poisonous substances that pollute the atmosphere, the soil, and human body.
5. We perform our duties under the action plan and the performance target that we set from the view point of the global environmental protection for every department, section and employee in development, manufacturing and sales.
6. We will work with in management of chemical substances in products based on the company’s chemical substance management manual.
7. To do the above-mentioned things securely and speedily, we provide the regulations of the business and continuously improve it. (continual improvement and effective operation of the integrated management manual of quality and environment)
8. We make this statement well-known to all the people who work in also work for our company.
Declaration date : Jan 1, 2023  President and Representative Director SHINGO TAGA