US-415  Snapper、Snap Action
CMJ approved

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Changeable temperature system, contact open-close snap action
Kotatsu (electric foot warmer with cover), heating pad

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  • US415
Thermostat Specifications
Electrical ratings normal type:125 VAC, max. 500W, Lump load
L type:125 VAC, max. 600W, Lump load
‐‐ (min. 200mA)
Ⅰ.Temperature setting range
Ⅱ.Temperature tolerance
 Ⅰ.Temperature setting range
① 70 ~ 100℃
② 101 ~ 105℃
Ⅱ.Temperature tolerance
① ±4℃
② ±5℃
① 7~13K
② 7~13K
Circuit resistance(initial value) 50 mΩ or less
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ or greater [through the 500 VDC megger]
Withstand voltage 1,200 VAC/minute
Thermal resistance                 130℃
Cold resistance                 -20℃
Opening-closing durability 10,000 times or more [under rated load]

※Please contact specification of the approved models are slightly different from those shown above.

Model code
US-415 □□
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Support board material A:Vertical mounting, [both sides],[stopper model “S” only]
   ,variable range 37K by ∠270° rotation
B:Horizontal mounting, [both sides],[stopper model “S” only]
   ,variable range 37K by ∠270° rotation
H:Horizontal mounting, [both sides],[stopper model “M” only]
   ,variable range 34K by ∠180° rotation
F:Vertical mounting, [single side],[stopper model “O” only], fixed type
2 Contact model X : “OFF” for temperature rise
3 Contact material D : Ag・Ag alloy contact
4 Stoper model O : Fixed type
M :∠180° Variable type (caulking)
S: ∠310° Variable type (soldering)
5 Cover model 1:Cover hole provided
2:Cover hole not provided
3:Available only for models with cover
6 Load capacity model L: Cover hole provided
No symbol: Less than 500W
7 Special specification

Sample of Model code

  • US-415AXDS1 ・・・ Vertical mounting、∠270° rotation type、Hole with cover
  • US-415BXDS1 ・・・ Horizontal mounting、∠270° rotation type、Hole with cover
  • US-415HXDM2 ・・・ Horizontal mounting、∠180° rotation type、no hole cover
  • US-415FXDO2 ・・・ Vertical mounting[One side]、fixed type、no hole cover

List of international safety standards

Model / Type Agency File No. Operating
Number of cycles Max. Max. Amperes
Category cycles Volts

Dimensional outline drawing

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