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Thermostat Technical Documentation


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The current capacity due to due to the difference in the load voltage

It is a conceptual reference case number, micro switch, toggle switch, relay (1 ~ 10A), etc.

Reference numbers is made 100% of the current capacity at the AC125V. And reference numbers is made 100% of the current capacity at the resistive load.

Voltage Current
AC 125V 100%
AC 250V 70%

( Micro SW 60 )

DC 24V 50%
DC 125V 5%
DC 24V [ Min. 50mA ]
Load Current
Resistive load

( COS φ = 1 )

Inductive load

( COS φ = 0.4 )


( Micro SW 60 )

Motor lamp 15%

( Micro SW 10 )

Inrush current of the load

It is a conceptual reference case number, on the basis of the load resistance.

Load Inrush current
Incandescent lamp 10-15 times

0.3~0.4 sec

Mercury lamp 3-4 times

3~5 sec

Fluorescent lights 3-4 times

2~7 sec

Motor 5-10 times

0.2~5 sec

Solenoid 10-20 times

約 0.1 sec

Magnet relay 3-10 times

0.02 ~ 0.04 sec


Electrical rating of gold crossbar contact products

Applicable models  US-118C、US-602K、US-603K、US-622K、US-625K、628K

Maximum rating

Load AC Rating DC Rating
Resistance load AC 125V 0.5A

AC 50V 1A

DC 40V 0.5A

DC 24V 1A

[ Min. DC 5V 1mA ]

Inductive load AC 125V 0.2A

AC 24V 1A

DC 40V 0.2A

DC 10V 1A

 Circuit resistance standard of life after, at the same time as the initial standard


Time constant of the thermostat(Thermal response speed)

time constant