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IATF16949 Control of quality  registered JQ3312B ( 2018/6/13)


Reliable products are created by accumulated advanced technology and strict quality control.

Asahi Keiki is certified according to IATF16949 (an international quality management standard for manufacturing companies in the automotive industry).

As a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to produce products that satisfy our customers, and it is our pleasure to achieve this.

We will continue to pursue manufacturing that our customers satisfy.



Asahi Keiki Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “we”) produces thermostats.

(hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is a manufacturer of thermostats. Our products play a role as control parts and safety parts (safety devices) for customers all over the world.
We will meet the needs of our customers with our reliable technology and creativity, contribute to the realization of a prosperous future society, and provide attractive products to the world.
This is the value of our existence and the first condition for our survival.

We will ensure that all employees are fully aware of our quality policy, raise their awareness of the importance of customer satisfaction, and make the most of each individual’s abilities to ensure a zero-defect system.
In addition, we will address risks and opportunities in the formulation of our QMS plan.

1.Compliance with laws and regulations

(1) We will comply with legal and regulatory requirements and provide safe and reliable products and services.
(2) We will promote initiatives to comply with customer requirements.

2.ISO、IATF Conformance to standards

(1) We recognize that ISO9001, IATF16949 and other related standards and criteria are the minimum level to be observed, and strive to maintain and improve our quality management.
(2) We will periodically review and continuously improve our quality management system to ensure that it functions effectively.

3.PDCA Spyral-Up

We will check whether the quality targets and plans are being implemented correctly through our own internal audits, take corrective measures for areas that need to be improved, and confirm the results for the next improvement.
We will introduce the PDCA cycle method into all of our operations and develop them to a higher level.

4.Disseminate information to all employees

We will make all employees aware of our quality policy and our quality-first philosophy, and work together to achieve our quality goals.

Declaration date : Jan 1, 2023   President and Representative Director SHINGO TAGA