ISO / TS quality


ISO 9001 Quality Control  Registered number JQ3307A (Apr. 15, 1997)


Reliable products are the result of accumulated sophisticated technologies and strict quality control.
Asahi Keiki has acquired ISO 9001 certification for domestic locations (headquarters, sales offices, and Fukushima Plant) and an overseas location (Dalian Asahi Keiki Co., Ltd.) and has been conducting quality control based on ISO 9001 in various areas such as planning, development, production, management, and sales.
These certificates prove that we practice our philosophy of delivering products that meet customers’ needs in terms of quality, costs, and delivery time.
Manufacturing products that customers can trust is the mission of manufacturers, and we are pleased to do so.
We will continue to manufacture products that are highly valued by people.



Commodities that Asahi Keiki Co., Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said our company) is producing are thermostats.
All over the world, products of our company play the role as customer’s control components and security parts (safety devices).
We meet customer’s needs through our reliable technology and creativity, contribute to the achievement of the wealthy society in the future, and offer attractive commodities to the world.
This is an existence value of our company, and the first prerequisite of our continuing.
For the sake of giving customers safety and obtaining their trust by providing the society with safe and excellent products and services, our company as a member of the society promotes the following activity in the development, manufacturing and sales of the products.
1. We provide customers with the high-reliability products that convince them of their excellence on safety and reliability complying with customer requests, relevant laws and other standards that we have agreed to.
2. To prevent the occurrence of malfunction or/and incompatibility, fully understanding how and in what environment customers use our products, we establish the development process, the reliability evaluation process and the manufacturing process, and continuously improve them.
3. Every our employee strengthens six S(5S: Seiri(Fine arrangement), Seiton(Proper order), Seisou(Cleaning), Seiketsu(Cleanness) and Shitsuke(Discipline) + S: Speed), removes three Mu(Muri(Impossibility), Muda(Uselessness), Mura(Instability)), performs his or her duty efficiently and speedily in the production process.
4. To accomplish above-mentioned things, all sections and all employees of Asahi Keiki Group, in every duty in development, manufacturing and sales, settle on one’s own action plan and performance target as Scheme Management Plan. And according to the plan we all work on our duties boldly and speedily.
5. Decisions and rules are written plainly in the Integrated Manual, and all employees keeps them.
6. We make this statement well-known to all the people who work in also work for our company.
Declaration date : Jan 1, 2023   President and Representative Director SHINGO TAGA