New Products

 New compact design, S.O.D. specification compliant thermostat US-828 PDF catalog


Features Insulation-enhanced compact design, S.O.D. specification compliant model
Application Office automation equipment such as copier, printer, laser MFP, etc.


 New Drip-proof, compact design thermostat US-628  PDF catalog


Features Drip-proof, compact design, general purpose, low cost
Application Suitable for wide range of applications such as gas and oil appliances, fuel cell, etc.


 New Microminiature, slim, space-saving thermostat for P.C.B. US-802 PDF catalog


Features Microminiature, slim, space-saving thermostat (with temperature sensor) ideal for printed circuit boards (PCB)
Application LCDprojector, power supply equipment, printed circuit board (PCB), etc.